Simple roguelike with pixel art graphics, developed by using TIC - tiny computer.

Dive into the dungeon, defeat the evil wizard and recover the amulet of Izramil, to get the eternal glory!


arrows: movement, z: attack, x: healing, F11: fullscreen

Suggested browser: firefox, to get good commands response


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any chance for .TIC file? i was kinda hoping to be able to use your collisions, but i cant get it to copy/paste.


You can get it from the game, go to console -> save game.tic -> get game.tic


This is cool! Good job!

Thank you!

deck where did you learn to set up this games commands there are no Demo videos on how to program games with this. So really what I'm asking is can you help teach me?

hi, if you go in the TIC page you can find the API, there's no documentation but I think that it is enough intuitive. The rest of the code is pure Lua with use of closures to get a sort of OOP. Take a look at my code, it's completely open and documented

I have looked at the API and your code but I haven't used these kinds of thing before is there someplace I could learn how it all works?

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Hi, neither I knew how to use lua when I started to develop the game. First at all, you need to know at least one programming language (better if object oriented). Then, I suggest you to study from here:

these are the things that I've done before start. Of course, for the rest you need to try by yourself, so start with some basic stuff like render a sprite, move into the screen, etc.

Every time you get stuck use google to get some help. That's all :)


Cool! How long did it take for you to make?

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Hi, I didn't keep track of developing time, but more or less 20 hours I think

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Ah, okay. What else have you done that makes you such a good pixel artist?

Am I permitted to use your sprites or similar art in some of my own TIC games, with prominent credit? / Would you be interested in co-developing a TIC game as the sprite artist?

I've looked other people that make pixel art and tried by myself :)
Do whatever you want with sprites, but I'm sorry I'm primarily a programmer and I don't like very much to do only the art part

Ah, okay, thanks!

Oh, and in relation to Quest for Glory, my one suggestion is tuning down the character speed a bit so that navigation around dangers is a bit easier.


Great job!